Routine Practice of a Horse Recorded After Nobody Believed the Owner

Rituals of Animals
It is very commonly observed that humans do have some set practices and rituals that are being conducted by them every now and then but same applies to animals as well in many instances. Here even we can see in this video which was recorded by the owner of this horse showing a ritual followed by his horse.

This story features a situation of an owner who when told people about its horse that takes a swim every afternoon turned out to be doubtful for the listeners. People said that he is lying and horses do not swim, well everyone knows that horses do not swim but some rule breakers also do exist like this one. This man recorded the video of the horse when it was going for a swim in the afternoon and showed to all those people who were doubtful.
However, the horse never spent most of the time in the pool rather it just wanted a pat of the pool and right after that the horse used to come out, whereas t coming out of the pool was no doubt a big challenge for the horse.

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