Teenager sees a severely wounded cop on the side of the road. But when the EMT delivers this news, OMG…

A choice to remember

We all are put into situations that we don’t want to be in and some of us get a recognition for them, some of us don’t. But Thalia Rodriguez’s choice made her a hero and earned her fame. Thalia, 17, was driving a car when she spotted a wounded police officer on the side of the road. He was bleeding and she had learned a little about first responder techniques in the high school.


So, she pulled over quickly to examine the officer. She learned that his leg was gone but he still had a pulse and was bleeding badly. She was only thinking what to do in this situation when another driver stopped.

It was Vianca Diaz, a nurse. Thalia helped her build a tourniquet to wrap around the unresponsive leg of the cop and together they saved the cop.


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