Heroic police officer takes a quick action to save a hanging dog

An Adventurous rescue

A shoplifting call was made recently but that led to the rescue of a dog in Arkansas City, Kansas on Friday. It was sergeant Jason Legleiter and officer Wade Hammond who responded to the call at a wall mart. The store staffer told them that they had seen a dog hanging from a vehicle and it needed immediate help.


The police department stated in their Facebook post that the dog had essentially hung himself from the leash. According to them, the dog was hanging from the leash motionless and it appeared to be deceased. Sergeant Legleiter was quick to take an action and he quickly took his knife out and cut the constricting collar to set the dog free.

The dog started showing more and more signs of life as the time passed and finally it appeared to have fully recovered from this accident. There is an ongoing investigation to see if the charges will be pressed against the owner.


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