She Asked To Adopt The Oldest And Hardest Dog! This Woman Restores Our Faith InHumanity

This picture is definitely worth thousands words, this cute dog had been at an animal shelter for a long time. Unfortunately, he was old with a skin infection and cancer, that made no one wants him. But, a woman, Melani, came to adopt the oldest, hardest dog. So Jake's, the dog, time was coming to be with an adorable new owner and has a new forever home.

The outcome for many senior dogs like Jake is not a nice thing, they are considered the most difficult to rehome. They dropped off at shelters due to some health problems which are expensive. And this is the same reason for why they are often taken to the shelters. Fortunately, Mr. Mo Project is helping senior dogs to continue the rest of their lives in some loving homes.
Actually, senior dogs have many benefits, and most people don't know this. Most of senior dogs know how to interact with people, they also can playtime as much as the other tyoes of dogs!

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