The Reaction Of An Excited Dog Helps Judge Judy To Rulein seconds

Fortunately, Judge Judy Knows That The Loyalty And Love Between A Dog And His Owner Is Something Special.


A fight happened between a dog owner, who wanted to get his lost dog back, and a woman who claimed that the dog was bought by her legally from a person on the street, which means that the dog is truly hers.
On this great emotional episode of Judge Judy, the Judge Judy asked to bring the dog into the court room and placed on the floor, to see where the dog would go?, it was obvious who is the real owner of the dog.
The sorrowful reunion between the man and the pup was all what Judy needed to judge that these two be together again. What she couldn't ignore is the happy jumps of the puppy when he saw his real parent. The woman, who claimed that she bought the dog, also knew that the dog stood beside his rightful owner. 

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