Reward Of $10,000 For Info On Puppy Being Burned And Sodomized With Acid

Animal Hope & Wellness Foundation took the right decision when they offered a reward of 10,000 to arrest the abuser of a 6-month old puppy, because the abuser is heartless and criminal.


A woman saw the puppy, Riley suffering in the parking lot of an elementary school in San Bernardinho, California on August 9. The kindhearted woman decided to be the new mother of Riley.

 When Riley was taken to the vet, it was found that the abuser sodomized Riley before throwing acid onto his face. The vet did his best, but unfortunately for Riley, he lost his right eye, and his jaw was also smashed.

 In order to fix Riley’s jaw, he will need reconstructive surgery, but his appearance will be marred forever.

We hope you get better Riley and lead a happy life you poor puppy.


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